Friday, October 11, 2013

My Living Room Tour

When I first moved into my apartment back in May, I was really excited to decorate it!
What I didn't consider was how much money it could cost to do things the way I thought I wanted them done. Even though this place has always felt like home from the moment I first walked through it, it's starting to finally feel more and more like my very own space, even without a lot of money!
There is still a lot of changes I would like to eventually make, but I thought since I finally at least like my living room I would share with you it's current look, and tell you a little bit of what I would like to change.
  • So this is my couch. It's in pretty rough shape and I can't wait to buy a new one! But I'm the kind of person who won't buy something unless it's exactly what I want, or at least really cheap.
  • Like my end tables which were only $1 each!
  • And as much as I like the lamps, they are going to get replaced, too, because they don't really match my new style.
  • The paintings above the couch were done by Nick and Sidney a few years ago.
  • My awesome skeleton mirror on the right was a Christmas gift from Nick. It's from a neat little store called Grumblin' Granny's
  • My current TV stand is an old dry sink my parents gave me. I'm thinking about painting it, but I kind of like the natural wood look so I might just refinish it. For now, it stays the same.
  • On the right is a big old wire mess that needs a good solution, and on the left is my wooden elephant my cousin gave us.
  • There is a candle holder at the top that needs to be raised higher since switching my old crate for the dry sink.
  • My purple curtains are new, and I love them! And on the top are pumpkin lights for Halloween.
  • Inside my old dry sink I keep DVDs, a few CDs, my DVD player and my PS3. As of right now all the cables are coming out the front and it looks really messy but one day soon I will arrange it to come out the back so I won't have to look at that stupid wire mess!
  • This is my new shelf that I got for $10 today.
  • On the left is my fern which looks pretty sad, but is actually healthier than it was a month ago! If you can believe that.
And here are a few small details around my living room.
  • A Guinness tray which is currently a remote tray.
  • My wooden elephant up-close.
  • My peace sign candle holder, a Christmas present from my sister, with a Buddha beer bottle and a little elephant which was a gift from my Uncle.
  • My corkboard and calendar, which keeps me organized with my school assignments. And Nick's headphones that I need for my Broadcast Technology class.
My place is finally starting to change slowly, but every now and then I manage to find something that I like that makes my apartment feel more like home, more like me.
And I think that is really important. It's important to look around your house, and to feel that swell in your chest, that emotion that says, "Hey! I'm home!" And you can grab a beer, and relax. And lately, that is exactly how my living room makes me feel. No matter what anyone else thinks about it.

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