Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Create a Vision Board - The How and Why

Learning to be grateful is like most things in life: It takes practice!

For some people it comes naturally. But for people who are like me, it doesn't.

Learning to develop an attitude of gratitude has many benefits though. That's why it's important to help train yourself to see how fortunate you are, and to think more positively. And for those of us who need to work at it, having visual aids does help.

What is a Visions Board?

It's a tool to help you visualize your hopes and dreams in a creative way, but it can also be used for inspiration and gratitude.

How to Make One:

1. A vision board can be on anything you want it to be. It can be a corkboard, your fridge, a poster board; anything you can attach images and words to. It can even be a digital collage used as your desktop background (I actually might try this!).

I decided to use a poster board. Poster boards are cheap to buy and I like cutting and pasting. It's a fun activity I can do with my daughter, too.

The important thing is that it works for you.

2. Next step is the fun part, finding images and words to put on your vision board! I like to flip through magazines to find interesting pictures and inspiring words. For example, I cut out a picture of a room I really liked, some flowers because I enjoy gardening and a woman in triangle pose on a beach. I also cut out words like "create," "embrace the day" and "balance is a beautiful thing" because I find them inspiring.

Vision boards are great to help give you inspiration, but they are also good to use to remind yourself to be grateful for what you have. For example, I plan on putting a picture of my family from Sidney's first birthday party on it. It's a great photo of everyone dressed up in Halloween costumes, laughing and smiling and every time I look at it I am so thankful for my family.

3. After finding your images and words, you get to put them up. And you don't have to fill your board up right away either.
I've arranged mine all on one side of my poster board and left lots of room to add more pictures later on. I'm curious to see how it's going to look once it's full and to see how my goals, ideas and objects of gratitude change over the next little while.
4. Hang it up where you can see it regularly! It doesn't make much sense to create a vision board if you never see it. I put mine up in my room by my dresser. Now every day when I go to grab clean clothes in the morning I will be greeted by happy, positive images and words that remind me to feel grateful.
Have you ever created a vision board? How did you make it, and what are some examples of what you put on it?

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  1. A vision board can be a powerful tool for so many reasons -- and it can definitely help us feel more grateful for what we already have, for sure! And cultivate a sense of appreciation! :)

  2. I put up my vision board as my PC wallpaper 4 years ago. It had photos of places I wanted to visit, a wedding ring, a shop front, car and a nice kitchen. Since then, I got married, gave birth and started a soup cafe! So it definitely works. Time to update the vision board with new goals. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. That's awesome! I really like the idea of a computer wallpaper because it's something most people will see every day. I'm actually going to make one as well as my cut and paste collage.


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