Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Wishes #9 - Stop Procrastinating!

Last week, and the week before, I really want to purchase a new backpack. Unfortunately, I am a very picky person when it comes to bags apparently! So, this will have to be an ongoing goal until I know I've found the perfect one for me.

This week's goal is to STOP PROCRASTINATING!

I realize this goal is pretty vague, but I am seriously so bad at this and I think that if I make a conscious effort to do things ahead of time instead of last minute, I might actually do it.

I've noticed there are several reasons I procrastinate. And here they are:

Last Minute Preparations:
I think I have lots of time to do things, so I hold off from doing it because other things seem more urgent. Next thing I know, it's only a day away and I'm not at all prepared.

For example: I have a test tomorrow in my Law and Ethics class. Normally I study on the bus to school in the mornings and I've been getting 96% repeatedly. However, last week I only got 88% and so I've decided I should probably be studying more. Obviously these grades are pretty good, but I know I am not putting as much effort into it as I could be by waiting until last minute. Maybe I will study tonight?

Wanting It To Be Perfect:
There are times I want things to be perfect and I have a difficult time starting. And then I realize I've held off for so long that I don't have any time left and have to rush. If I just got rid of the idea of things being perfect I would be able to start sooner and the end result would no doubt be better.

Example: I have an interview with Tara Jefferson from tomorrow evening for a class assignment, and I've been struggling to come up with good questions. My quest for having perfect questions is keeping me from starting and now I only have one day left.

Unorganized And Poor Time Management:
Other times I just completely forget about things because I don't keep track of my planner, or check my calendar regularly. Then when I do remember, it's usually right before! Why do I always remember last minute?

Example: Sidney had picture day last week. Normally I get her all dolled up that day but I completely forgot and so I sent her to school in her regular clothes. I didn't remember until we were already there and she was pretty disappointed that she wasn't wearing a fancy dress. Bad mom moment. This could have clearly been avoided if I only looked at my calendar the night before or even the morning of!
If I really want to accomplish this goal this week, I'm going to have to keep these three things in mind.

I also need to finish The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and write my review on it this week. I've been really taking my time on this book and I still have more than a hundred pages to read! I hope I can finish it on time.

The Nectar Collective

Do you have similar problems? How do you work around it?


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  1. Stop procrastinating is a really good goal (I think you're not the only one that would like to manage that), but it is difficult. I used to wait to do things until I was sure I would do them perfectly, which often meant that I waited until last minute and was forced to deal with them (and of course, they rarely turned out perfect at the first try). My method to avoid procrastinating is writing lists - both long term goals and smaller lists for each day. I enjoy crossing things off the list, even if it only is small things like eating breakfast or sending an email. Good luck not procrastinating this week!

    1. Lists are a terrific way to get things done. I used to keep lists but I've been slacking. Maybe that's my problem lately, I will have to get back into that habit :)

  2. Oh, I really hear you on this one... The whole "forgetting" and "losing track of time" and "just wanting it to be perfect" are all sneaky little forms of procrastination that I'm all too guilty of. I find it really helps me to take a moment - when I catch myself doing this - and ask myself WHY I'm procrastinating and putting this off. What is the underlying feeling that I'm experiencing? When I get a little closer to the bottom of it, it's a lot easier work through it :)
    Good luck, and have a great week! :)

    1. That's a really good way to handle it. I should give it a shot, and try to find out why I'm procrastinating. It makes perfect sense!

      Thank you :)


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