Friday, April 12, 2013

Save Our House and Enter to Win!

Raising Money

A few weeks ago my mom and I sat down together to try and come up with ways to get enough money together to  save our home. You can read my mom's full story here

We chose to set up a fundraiser page on GoFundMe and even though it was extremely difficult to do, we both wrote a blog post about our situation. Afterwards, Kim from 2JustBYou contacted me with a fabulous idea; set up an Etsy Treasury that people can enter to win.  

The first Treasury winner was Sandra over at Sandra's Card Shop. Then she went ahead and asked all of the donors of the prizes to donate the value of the prize and postage to my family and I instead! Can you believe how generous and kind she is? Thank you Sandra. :)

The outcome of that fundraiser was incredible! Many people purchased items from my shops, and donated money directly to our GoFundMe page. 

And then luckily my mom was able to get our mortgage deadline extended so Maya and Kim decided to start another Fundraiser Treasury to help donate more money, and the outcome has been amazing!

The Results

As of right now we have raised $548 on our GoFundMe page, and sold 8 items between our two shops. 

Then something else happened that just blew me away! An anonymous donor has offered to match every donations dollar to dollar up to $1000! 

When I stop to think about all of the support, donations, generosity and kindness that others have given us I honestly start to cry. I never expected this to happen, and I can not even begin to express the amount of gratitude I feel. All of the thank you's in the world don't feel like enough. 

If you can, I would love if you could support all of the shops that have donated items! Please take the time to check out their shops and promote them because seriously, they are all so awesome.

Right  now, my mom is getting all of the money and information together to see if we have made it. We won't have the final yes or no for a few days yet, but I think we're going to be okay thanks to everyone involved. When we do find out, I will let everyone know!    

Another Chance to Win

The rules are simple:

Win 25 Entries for buying from either of my two Etsy Shops:
All proceeds are going towards Save Our Home fund. Message me your trans # with the amount spent.
Earn 25 entries for donating just $5, AND an additional 10  entries for each $5 increments for the cause at:
When donating please leave a comment with your Etsy username (if you have one), and your transaction number so we can make sure you get your entries.

Now, today is the last day to enter to win this treasury:

'WIN this FUNDRAISING treasury!' by bkinspired

Red Swarovski Crystal H...

Crystal 16ss Enhanced ...

On Sale Pink and Yello...

Reserved - Blue and Red...

Reserved listing - Blac...

Reserved for Team Treas...

On Sale Fingerless Glov...

Reserved for PCF Fund R...

reserved Pink Squared d...

Harris Tweed change pur...

RESERVED for PCF Team T...

Mustache Card Hand embr...

RESERVED for Fundraiser...

Reserved-burlap flowers...

RESERVED 4x6 Picture Fr...

Reserved--crochet '...


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