Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Best Coffee is Made with a Percolator

I Love Coffee


To me, having a coffee is like having dessert for breakfast. It's so good! Unfortunately, I can't handle caffeine very well so I have to limit myself. All the more reason to make that one coffee count.

Using a vintage stove top coffee percolator is by far my favourite way to make coffee at home. With a percolator, you get to control how strong you want your coffee. And if you like super strong coffee, such as myself, all you have to do is leave it brewing on the stove longer. 

Even better, there are so many great percolators you can buy!

I currently own 5...

  • 2 4-cup Pyrex Percolators
  • 2 6-cup Pyrex Percolators
  • and 1 aluminum percolator - perfect for camping!
 There are a variety of stove top percolators you can choose from depending on your style :

Aren't they all so pretty and cute?!

How do you make your coffee?


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  1. OMG the Pyrex percolator! We always had those in our house growing up. Right now I have a Keurig, my husband got it for me after I had the baby. So easy when I was sleep deprived! My Mom actually has a french press that I love too.

    1. Keurig's are great for making a quick and simple coffee! I love the hazelnut flavour ones.

  2. I have one of those lurking around my mom's house. I love it on Christmas morning. I can't handle caffeine at all. I drink decaf. If I drink more than three cups I start to get jittery, because of the small traces of caffeine still in it. I love my coffee though.

    1. There are times when I can drink 3 cups a day, and then the next week I have to cut back completely and will switch to decaf. But I love my coffee as well!


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