Sunday, April 7, 2013

Onions Sprouting? Let's Grow Them!

My Onions Have Sprouted

What to do when you're onions sprout? I know that once they've begun to sprout they begin to lose their flavour and their nutrients.

There are basically two things you can do with them at this point:
  1. You can grow them in your garden or, 
  2. You can eat the green part.
Unfortunately you can't regrow an onion, but they will flower and you can harvest their seeds to try and grow new onions next year.

I decided to try and grow mine. 

To start, place your onion in a cup of water.

After a few days roots will begin to come out the bottom.

Now you can plant them in the ground. It's too cold outside right now for my onions to grow so until the weather warms up I've got them in little pots at the front window. In May I can transfer them to the garden.

Just so you know, I am an amateur and don't know exactly what I'm doing. It's more of an experiment the kids and I am doing together. So I guess we'll have to just wait and see what happens! And if things get real messed up I have a couple more onions sprouting again.


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  1. OK, I love your disclaimer "I'm an amateur and don't know what I'm doing."
    That evoked a full-on belly laugh so much that my son was like, "What's SO FUNNY?"

    This is cool. I generally just trash 'em if they get to that.... you're cooler than me! Fo Sho!

    1. Lol! Glad to hear my honesty is also humorous! I'm definitely not cooler than you, I just have way too much time on my hands :P

  2. Okay, I didn't even know onions grew green parts...I guess I've never kept one around that long. Good luck with yours!

  3. omggg i had no idea that's how green onions were made LMAO :$


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