Monday, July 22, 2013

The Power of Gratitude Lists


Be Grateful For Everything:


Everything you own, everything you have and everything you are!

It's really easy to get stuck in a negative mindset. I was stuck in one for many years, and still often catch myself thinking negatively quite often. There's a lot to complain about if you think about it. But thinking about it won't do you any good. It's a horrible down spiral of negativity once you get started.
When I find myself slipping into those old, familiar thought patterns, I find the best way to get away from it is to begin listing things I am grateful for, whether it's just a list in my head or I write it down.
Now I try to write a list of ten things I am grateful for every night in my journal. It's a great habit to get in to. At the end of the day, I go through all of the wonderful things that have happened and jot them down. And if I have more than ten, that's great!


Benefits of Gratitude Lists:


You Notice More Things to Grateful For

Once I started doing this regularly, I started to notice that I not only think of things to be grateful for at bedtime, but during the day, too. As I go through my day and something awesome happens, like I win a free coffee or run into an old friend, I feel grateful right away and keep it in the back of my mind for my nightly list. My days go by a lot happier now.


You Begin to Love Yourself More

When keeping a gratitude list, you'll eventually start writing things down that have to do with yourself. It could be a new dress that compliments your figure, your excellent listening skills or the A you received on an exam. When you start thinking positively about yourself you will love yourself more.

It's Good For Your Health

Being grateful is apparently good for you health. Obviously, feeling optimistic is sure to ward off stress which can reduce many health risks on it's own such as high blood pressure, cancer, obesity, etc. Not to mention, apparently people who practice gratitude regularly sleep better, exercise more, eat healthier and just take better care of themselves in general.

Makes You a Happier Person

Keeping a gratitude list will make you a more optimistic, positive and happier person. You will likely be less angry and depressed if you constantly think of things to be grateful for. And when you're grateful, and happy, other grateful, happy people will be drawn to you. Which helps you make friends and network, which definitely makes me happier!


Will Motivate and Encourage You to Complete Goals

When you are grateful, you are happier and more likely to want to work on goals. You will have more energy, better brain power and optimism! All which will help you accomplish your goals faster!

You can be grateful for anything!

What I'm grateful for this week:
  1. Going to the drive-in with my family.
  2. Having my friend stop by for a few beers.
  3. Watching the bees pollinate my garden, knowing they're responsible for helping create all of our fruits and vegetables.
  4. Being able to afford hair dye.
  5. For having clean clothes to wear!
  6. My new summer dress that fits perfectly.
  7. The fans my Grandmother bought us during the heat wave.
  8. Having dinner out with Nick and Sidney Thursday night.
  9. For the thunderstorm that made the power go out and tree limbs fall off trees!
  10. A day trip to the beach today with Nick and Sidney :)
What are you grateful for this week? Can you think of any others benefits to keeping a gratitude list? Feel free to share in the comment section! :) 
P.S. - Check back every Monday! As I continue to write my weekly gratitude lists.

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  1. Cole, we are sooo on the same wavelength! I was going talk about gratitude in my blog post today, but it was getting long and kind of off-topic, so I didn't. But I definitely want to talk more about it soon!

    ANYWAY! I think everything you said here is true. GRATITUDE is sooo important! I've said before that if "Life is a marathon, then gratitude is endurance." It just... is that fuel that makes everything better.

    I love your gratitude list! :) I had a habit of having a gratitude journal but I haven't written in it much this summer. However, it was such a light to me especially when I was going through such a rough time. :)

    Cool that this will be a regular feature! :) Love it!


    1. That is pretty cool! I can't wait to read what you have to say!

      I think gratitude lists are one of the most important things you can do when you're having a rough time. They really do fuel you to keep going.

  2. Getting into a positive mindset is something I've been working on a lot with myself, and I know how important gratitude is to that! After reading this I really do want to make it a point to write physical lists of the things I am grateful for. I love that you're sharing your lists on your blog, looking forward to more posts like this!

    1. Thank you :)

      I never realized before that something so simple could put you into such a positive mindset.


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