Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Unproductive in this Heat Wave


For the past three days we have been experiencing extremely high temperatures for this area. Today was 38 degrees Celsius. With humidity it was well into the mid 40's.

I live on the top floor of an old house with no air conditioning. The windows are large, but for some reason the breeze doesn't seem to make it's way inside. We have one fan, which stays in the living room during the day, and Sidney's bedroom at night.

Needless to say, we are hot!

With warnings in the newspapers to stay indoors and take it slow, I'm having an incredibly easy time just lounging around in front of our single fan with some ice cold water. Even if the housework doesn't get done.

And if I'm being perfectly honest with not only you, but to myself, even though it's so hot at night I toss and turn for hours, drenched in sweat and wishing even one little damn breeze would make it's way through my window, I'm actually glad for the excuse to lay around and do nothing. Nothing but read books, browse blogs and for the first time in months I played The Sims, with no guilt.

Do you ever feel that way?
Like you need an excuse to be lazy?
That without being ill, or even a heat wave, you are not allowed to be unproductive?

Most of the time I can't sit still. I feel bad if I watch television before 9:00 p.m. I can't read a novel during the day time either. Things need to be cleaned, food needs to get cooked and work has to be completed. Even if there is no work to do.

I'm always anxious to keep busy.
Except for today, and possibly tomorrow, I will relax and promise to clean up later.


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