Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I Learned At D3 Artworks Inc.

 D3 Artworks Inc.

If you're wondering what D3 Artworks is, I'll tell you from my own perspective. 

It's a youth program here in my city to help young individuals gain the experience and skills they need to find employment. It's also an art studio lead by a group of amazing artists. They taught me way more than just how to draw, paint or take a decent photograph. Those were all great lessons, and I continue to apply them to my own hobbies, but the greatest lessons I learned were about myself. 

Through art I was able to build self-esteem, discover what it is I want in life and it gave me direction and goals to work towards.

My Experience There:

Before starting D3 I was extremely confused. I had no idea what I wanted in life and so I sunk into a pretty bad depression.

When I came across an advertisement for D3 I jumped at the opportunity to do something. I had no idea what to expect that first day, or the next. Every day we were learning something new. We did still life, sketched landscapes, learned to draw using a grid, Munsell colour theory, painting with acrylic, photography lessons with a real professional photographer and so much more! We went on field trips to  see past projects that they had done, which was quite amazing. And as part of the program we had to do workshops on resumes, interviews and careers. I actually enjoyed that part, too. The best part of all was that as a group we had to design and complete an art piece for the Grand River Film Festival.

It was quite the experience.

Since my time at D3 ended in September (2012) 

  • I've opened an Etsy shop, started blogging and applied for college. 
  • I continue to write for myself in my journals
  • I write short stories and attempt poetry
  • I continue to draw, paint and take pictures for fun.

Leading a creative life isn't just about the outcome of your project, it's about the experience you have making it and the lessons you learn on the way.

That is why I think art is so important for everyone.

Here are some pictures from my time at D3:

My work space at D3
Group art piece we did for Grand River Film Festival
Sarah (right) and I (left) 
at the opening gala for Grand River Film Festival

Munsell Colour Wheel:

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