Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Orientation Day

The day before orientation, as I packed my bag with everything I would need, I realized I didn’t receive an actual Orientation Package. Apparently it would be needed on orientation day!

So of course I felt a little bit panicky and completely unprepared. Nick calmed me down by telling me to arrive early and stop in the Registrar Office to ask about it.

Already feeling anxious, I made sure to set my clothes out the night before and to get a good night’s sleep. Everything would be okay.

Well, Nick and I slept through our alarm and woke up 40 minutes late! It was raining lightly, and much too hot and muggy to wear the clothes I picked out. I ran around my room, trying to get dressed quickly. I gave up on the idea of fixing my hair and skipped the make-up routine entirely.

As we drove there I just kept thinking, “Why is it raining today? This can’t be a good sign." (Still trying to fix my pessimist ways.)

I made it just as the Registrar Office was opening. The lady was super nice and gave me everything I needed. With the help of some orientation leaders, I found my way to the Recreation Center. (Why are school campuses so confusing?) I have a feeling I will spend a fair amount of time getting lost this semester.

While standing around in the Recreation center, surrounded by my new classmates, I couldn’t help but feel weird. I was excited, but at the same time I kept thinking, “What the heck am I doing here? I don't belong!

When talking to a couple of girls in my class, they seemed so confident, so sure of themselves and I couldn’t help but to wonder again, “What the heck am I doing here?!” Because I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time, and I rarely ever feel confident. Sad, I know, but I'm working on it. :)

The Journalism Coordinator started off by writing a number on the blackboard. He wrote 324. He told us that was how many people applied for the program and only 70 were accepted, including me. I have to admit that hearing that kind of made me feel a little bit better.

After talking to us a bit more about the program in general he had two 2013 graduates and three 2nd year students tell us a bit about their experiences at the college. All five of them already had jobs, part time or full time, within the journalism field. The graduates told us about their jobs, how they landed them and what it was like. Hearing their stories helped me feel better. Most of them didn’t consider journalism at first. The one girl even said she only took journalism because she didn’t know what else to do, but knew she liked writing.

In short, her story sounded like my own. Yet here she was, starting 2nd year and already working. Maybe I’ll do alright after all.

Afterwards, I went and got my student card as well as my library PIN. Holding that card in my hand makes me feel like a real student! It sounds kind of lame writing it down, but that’s how I feel.

As I waited for the bus to take me home, dark clouds rolled in over the campus grounds. Thunder began to rumble in the distance and lightning flashed not so far away. Eventually I had to wait under the bus stop shelter as rain pelted down in big, heavy drops. As all of this happened, I looked around at my new school and instead of taking this random thunder storm as a sign for gloomy days ahead, it just made me more excited.

Now that the day is over, I wonder why I ever felt nervous in the first place.

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