Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Wishes #4 - Fight This Fatigue!

Last week I decided I needed to declutter my apartment, and I think I did a pretty good job! For the most part, anyway. All of the stuff I no longer want is sitting in a pile still, but it's gotten bigger and I have a yard sale planned for this coming up Saturday. It's even listed in the newspaper now, and we have signs to put up later this week. I'm hoping to make at least $100. Anything that doesn't sell will simply get donated. Only then is last week's Weekly Wish complete!
As for this week, I have a few goals in mind. And a lot of it has to do with how I've been feeling lately which is tired! I am tired all the time.
1. Stop putting it off and get blood work done! My doctor instructed me to get some blood work done in July sometime and I still haven't. It could explain why I'm so tired though. So, even though I hate getting blood taken I'm going to get it done!
2. Walking every day has been nice, but I think it's time to add in some more intense workouts. This week I plan on using my workout DVDs to exercise at least 3 times.
3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat less processed foods. I've been too tired to cook proper meals lately, which might be adding to my fatigue. Everyone knows that eating healthy is the best way to fight fatigue, right?
And that's the plan, to conquer this never ending fatigue once in for all!

What are some of your goals for the upcoming week?

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  1. Decluttering feels so great! Congratulations on getting so much done. I too need to work on being a little kinder to my body; I feel so, so much better when I put good in!

    1. Thank you! It was work well worth it.

  2. I've recently started working out 4 days a week. At first I hated every second of but it's getting easier. Good luck! I know how hard that can be! Eating better is one of my goals for the week too! Today I did pretty good! If you find any good recipes let me know! ;-)
    Blood work just stinks. I hate it too. So best of luck with that and all that it entails. (hugs)

    1. Congrats at sticking to your workout schedule! It is really hard to get started, but I love all of the encouragement I've been getting and so I feel I have to keep going.

      Yay for eating better! I suck at eating healthy. It's not that I don't like healthy foods, I just hate cooking. If I do come across any recipes I enjoy I'll let you know though :)

      Thank you! Blood work does stink. I always get woozy feeling.

  3. HAHAH the decluttering bug is in the air!!
    Here's to hoping your yard sale goes beautifully (and successfully.)
    I've been tired a lot lately too... but I think its because I may be pregnant.
    Oh, life.

    What kind of work out videos are you doing?

    1. Ha ha yes, it seems everyone in my life is decluttering for different reasons.

      Pregnancy would definitely cause fatigue.

      I've got about a dozen different videos. I'm going to combine three different ones. Ones cardio, one is yoga and the other one has 20 minute workouts that focus on just one area at a time. I don't like long workouts, so 20-30 minutes a day is good.

  4. Way to get on top of decluttering AND get rid of your stuff and sell it! Admirable! (Especially since I am majorly slacking on this goal for myself!)

    Also, I hope everything's okay with the blood work. I've been there and done that and have my own health issues, so I hope everything is okay. But answers regarding that stuff is better than the uncertainty -- once you know, it's better to have a plan of attack. But yeah, if you're tired, check to make sure you're getting enough iron! That's a big one!

    Good luck with the rest of this week, Cole! :)


    1. Thanks :) I've put it off long enough, it's about time I just get going and get it done. Besides, my Grandma has been nagging me pretty every day for the past two weeks to hurry up and do it. Don't want to make Grandma angry lol. I'm sure you'll get it done this week!

      It is much better to know for certain. I'm starting to think I may have a thyroid problem which is something they're going to look for. But it could just be low iron. Either way, I have to get it done soon.

      Thanks for the support!

  5. Cole, I just got a barre workout DVD that I am loving (even though it kills me). I need to start very-slow-jogging three times a week, especially since I spend 8 hours of my life trapped behind a desk at work :) This is my first time participating in Weekly Wishes and I am having such a good time exploring lovely blogs like yours!

    1. Thank you! There are a lot of great bloggers who participate in Weekly Wishes!

      I loved jogging before, I can't wait to build enough stamina to get past the walking stage again. Glad to hear you found a workout you love! The best kind are the ones that kill you ;)


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