Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Wishes #3 - Sell, Donate or Throw Out Clutter!

My apartment living room.

I completely ignored my goal to organize my bedroom until Thursday. Finally I decided that if I didn't hurry up and get it done, I would have disappointing news for this weeks post. Even though I couldn't get a bookcase this week, I did manage to get things organized! Well, as organized as I could but at least my desk is cleared off and everything currently has a home.

I read Leo Babauta's post on Zen Habits last week, Declutter Your Life, and it inspired me to do more! Not only did I get my room cleaned and organized, but my daughter's too! And then I tackled a few more areas. Who knew I could accumulate so much stuff? I've started making a pile of things I no longer need or want in my hallway. Every day it gets bigger. It feels really good.

And just a little side note, I've been walking almost every day still. Again, it's mostly around town completing errands and doing shopping but I feel good about it. All day my car sat in the driveway while we took the bus around the city instead.

Weekly Wishes #3: Sell,Donate or Throw Out Clutter!

After clearing out the bedrooms, and a bit of the kitchen I want to continue going through our belongings and declutter one space at a time.

I've already done my books, DVDs, kitchen cupboards, clothes, toys, craft supplies, and whatever other junk was in my room.

Now I need to move on to our coats, shoes, pantry, storage closet, and bathroom. Maybe I'll even clean out my car trunk. There seems to be a bit of junk piled up in there, too!

That's only part of it though. I can't have a pile of unwanted items laying about in my hallway. So, the things I can sell, like my old but perfectly fine Blackberry, can be sold. I might even throw a yard sale this weekend if I have enough items. Otherwise there's this Facebook page I joined called 24 Hour Auction for my city where I can post items to sell and people will bid on them. The highest bidder within 24 hours is the winner and they're supposed to come pick it up and pay for it. People sell all sort of things on there from DVDs and books to clothing, furniture, toys, everything. And what I can't sell within a week I will donate.

Plus, I could use some extra cash. Help pay off my debt and what not.

The Nectar Collective
I just want to thank everyone for their support over the past couple of weeks! I always look forward to reading your comments, and your own Weekly Wishes posts!

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  1. Hi Cole! I'm participating in my first weekly wishes link up! Way to go for staying on top of your wishes from last week. I noticed we both have goals of purging and selling this week, so good luck! I look forward to taking a look around your blog!

    Megan @

    1. Thank you! Welcome to Weekly Wishes! It's really awesome and fun. Going to check out your blog now :)

  2. Yay for getting your declutter on! I know this is inspiring me! And what a great idea about selling the stuff that's still in good shape and useful -- a great way to make some extra cash! Woohoo! :)



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