Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hair History

If you read my introduction post back in November/2012 you would have been greeted by my purple and pink hair, and read that I was a rebelious teenager. While not everything I did is something to be proud of, who I was has helped me become the person I am today and I have a lot of fond memories.

But this post isn't really about that. I just thought it would be fun to show a timeline of my crazy hairstyles from my past.

Truth is, since I decided it was time to start having a more conservative hairstyle I haven't done anything with it. It just hangs there, like Joey Ramone's hairstyle:

Which, no offense to Joey, looks terrible on me.

So while I try to think up a hairstyle that suits my need for something a little bit crazy but is still socially acceptable I'll show you what I'm used to. And just a warning - I make weird faces in every picture!

Teased Red Hair
I was obsessed with bright red hair when I was 15. I also liked to tease it way, way up like an '80's glam rockstar.

Then over March Break I got a bihawk. But my parents didn't like it much.

Chelsea Hairstyle
So my mom forced me to shave it off and I ended up having my most favourite hairstyle of all time where you keep your bangs long and shave the rest off, known as a "chelsea."

Short Hair
I grew that out for a while, and kept my hair short and bleach blonde. At this time I had every hair colour imaginable in my hair at some point.

Chelsea Again
But I loved having a chelsea. It was so easy to maintain, and yes I drew my eyebrows on at this time in my life. Not something I care to mention these days but at least I had a steady hand.

Colourful Hair
I had quite the influence on my younger sister. Needless to say our dad hated me for that! Bwahaha.

I loved to wear wigs during my "cheslea days" because I could have the easily maintained buzzed hair, and when I felt like I could have long hair! People thought I was weird but girls wear extensions all the time and that's normal.

Shaved Head
I used to lie and say that I shaved my head because I wanted to. Truth is I was really, really drunk and when I woke up I was really, really shocked. Thank god hair grows back.

Dog Mohawk
Even the poor family dog couldn't escape my crazy hair infatuation! I gave her a little, pink mohawk (dyed it with koolaid).

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my Joe Dirt mullet... Long story short, the hairstylist was this old man and did not give me at all what I had asked for. I cried.

So there it is. A short and incomplete timeline of my high school hairstyles. Now I just need to find something that suits me at this point in my life.

Did you ever do anything "crazy" with your hair?


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