Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week In Review - College Application Accepted!

Week in Review:

I've seen a lot of blogs do this and I love reading them! So I thought it would be fun to start doing it.

Personal Life:

Parenting - The weather has been strange this week. The beginning of the week was warm and raining. Now it’s freezing out and snowing - a lot! So basically, we’ve been stuck inside. Doing crafts, watching TV and lazing about. And FYI - I am so sick of the movie Hotel Transylvania.

Growth - I am in the process of organizing my life and everything in it. I want everything to be clean, organized and simple by the time I start college. So far I’ve weeded out my movies, books and music and filed all my paperwork but there is still so much to do.

Health - There’s a chance that I may have a thyroid problem. I’m showing a lot of the symptoms. Plus my sister has a thyroid problem and I’ve read that it’s genetic. Which could explain my weight gain, or maybe I just want something to blame other than my laziness... Anyway, it’s almost time for that dreadful annual check-up, so I’ll bring it up to my doctor when I see her. It’s also time for a dental check-up, too. It’s always one thing or another…


Work - I've been doing the awful January job search. Anyone who has ever tried to get a job within the retail industry in January knows what I'm talking about! All I need is a job that pays me by the hour until I can go to college this September.

College - As far as college goes, my next appointment is in a week. I'm still working on that paperwork. There are all these questions on it! Like, "Tell us about your educations plan." and "How did you come with this plan?"

I don't really know what else to say other than "I want to go to this college, because it's close to home." I'm pretty sure the answer can't be that simple though. And then I have to prove that upon receiving my diploma I will be able to find a job within that field and not have wasted their money. I’m really stressing out about this. If I can’t write killer answers to these questions, there is a good chance I won’t get my funding application accepted.

Good news though. I’ve been accepted into the college program of my choice, and just confirmed it!

Etsy - We’ve got a bunch of new items we plan on listing within the next week. I’ve also finished retaking all the pictures, too. Or at least almost finished. I have a few more items that I need to retake.
New Items:
Libbey Glasses

Anchor Hocking Candy Dish
Hand Crafted Ontario Wooden Bowl
Mid Century Square Wire Bowl
Pyrex Percolator

So that’s what’s going on right now.

What’s new with you?


PS - Today is our 6 year anniversary. No biggie. :)

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  1. Your new photos look amazing and great work on the progress you are making so far. :)

    Don't stress too much about the school thing. Just go in prepared and confident otherwise you are just giving yourself gray hairs, ok?

    Here are a 2 things that I was told and I used to repeat to myself to carry myself through countless interviews for scholarships, internships, and funding reviews.

    "Good people will ALWAYS find work."
    "It's my money/job all I have to do is walk in there and take it."

    I used to tell this to myself before every meeting to kind of psych myself up and I was never turned away empty handed. Remember....the road to education isn't easy especially if you don't have the cash outright, so keep your head up and NEVER quit, even when you feel like you can't do it. Also, see if your school has a McNair Scholars Program, ok? It's for underrepresented groups at the graduate level, and you are one of them being a woman, and a mommy. McNair is a great support system that has given me the tools to get a 4-year and keep going towards a PhD.

    Anyhow, keep working at it! You can do it!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouraging words! Those are great sayings to use when finding work, I'll have to try it next interview.

      I've never heard of McNair, but it sounds awesome. I'll have to check that out, too.


  2. hi, i'm following the "meet and greet weekend" blog hop . i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follow bev

    1. Always great to have a new follower! Followed you back :)

  3. I have a few silver plated mid-century wire bowls like that - oval & blossom shaped, but not square! Fun to see.
    Happy anniversary!!

    1. Thank you :)

      I've seen the oval and blossom shaped bowls before and love them! Especially the blossom one.


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