Friday, February 22, 2013

Week In Review - Family Day and Too Much Stress


Family Day - Indoor Playground!


Week In Review:

It's Friday everyone! It's the weekend, and my daughter is super excited to be able to stay home and play with her mommy (me! Aren't I a lucky duck?).

Home life is still tense right now. There's a lot on my mind; school, my living situation, money, and work. I feel bad because I haven't had much time to blog and work on my Etsy shop this week, but I enjoy this online life so I keep up with it as much as I can. 


Personal Life:

Parenting - My patience has been really short lately. With all this added tension in the house and the silent arguments, my mind hasn't been in the right place. I feel awful for not being mentally here right now for Sidney but my stress levels are about to explode right through the roof.  

We did go out for family day though. We went to Funworx, which is an indoor playground. It was so busy there! Kids on top of kids. Seriously, you could barely get around the place without knocking into a bunch of people, but Sidney and her cousin Faith had a lot of fun.

Growth - My entire life feels like it's on hold right now. Where did the week go? Honestly, I haven't done anything lately...

Health - My goal for waking up earlier hasn't been working out too well. Instead I feel like I just want to sleep forever, and ever, and ever. 


Work - I'm still applying to a bunch of different places. I haven't gotten one single call back though. It is a bit discouraging, but what other options do I have? I need to find a job. 

My college funding application is almost complete! I just have to send in a couple more bits of information and off it will go. How exciting is that? Very!

Etsy - Little Shop of Hemp made it's first sale this week! A custom key chain. I was beginning to think my hemp store was a waste of time and money, but that one sale has encouraged me to keep trying. Besides, I enjoy making hemp jewelry.

As for Little Shop of Treasures, no sales this week. I do have some new items I need to post though. I'll get around to it soon. Been taking a mental health break this week. I have been approved for the Bloomin Earth festival though! In two months time I have to be all ready to set up a booth and sell some awesome vintage treasures. This will be my first sale, and I'm really nervous. That's why I've been doing a ton of research.

Writing - I've been feeling uninspired lately, so instead of writing much I have been reading a ton! Magazine articles, ebooks, blogs and novels. Just filling my brain with other people's work. Of course my journal has been getting a lot of attention this week, I should call it the Whine Diaries. 

I hope everyone's week has been going better than mine! Sorry for the pity-party-post, but that's all I have to say this week - wah, wah, wah. 


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  1. Hi! Found your blog at Aloha blog hop. I'm a new follower and would love if you follow back :) I'm also hosting a blog hop and would like to invite you to link up. Thank you and have a great weekend! :)


    1. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! I'll definitely start following yours, it's way too cute not to!

  2. It's hard parenting under stress. I get impatient with Kiddo, then realize and feel terrible and MORE stressed. I'm sorry to hear that times are tough. This probably isn't helpful now, but I assure you that you'll look back one day in the not so distance future and realize how much the hard times shaped you for the better. I was a single mom when my son was small. Even now my husband travels and it's just me holding down the fort all week. I decided to go back to college in my late twenties and am now in my last semester. Has it been easy? Far from it. But you find a way to plug on. You may be a mom, significant other, student, etc but first and foremost you are a human being with wants and needs of your own. Put them first sometimes. Good luck!

    1. Thank you :)

      I can honestly say that hard times really do shape people for the better. It really helps to show what the important things in life are, but it sucks to go through these hard times while it's happening.

      I think it's amazing that you decided to go to school, and are now almost finished! I think it really shows our children a lot of positive things, by going to post-secondary.


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