Monday, February 4, 2013

Life Makeover

I’m in the process of rebuilding myself.  

I want to be healthier,

I want to be happier,

I want to simplify,
I want to be at peace with me,
My life,
My surroundings.

The truth is, I am a very negative person. I stress myself out over everything. I don’t know how to relax or enjoy myself. Worst of all, I forgot how to live in the moment.

In order to fully enjoy my life, and to teach my daughter to be a happy and good person, I know that I need a complete life makeover.

It’s difficult, and it’s tiring. And some days all I want to do is crawl deep under my covers and sleep, but I know that when I wake up I will still have the same problems (probably more) and the only difference will be missing out on the good things that do happen.

So obviously there are some changes that need to happen.

Things I want to change (which is everything) include:
  • Money and Finances
  • Career and Work
  • Relationships
  • Health (Mind and Body)
  • Optimism and Gratitude

I guess for myself a big part of parenting involves the morals and lessons you teach your children.

Since children mostly learn from example it’s really important to me that I become a better role model. It’s not like I let my child watch R rated movies and play with matches, but I do let her hear me talk negatively, eat junk food and watch too much television. 

I don’t want her to pick up my bad habits. Like every parent, I want what is best for her. 

And for unexplainable reasons I feel like this is the year where I finally settle into my own skin, and become the person I always wanted to be. In the process I will also help my daughter become a better person, too.


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