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5 Benefits of Buying Vintage

Buying vintage items may be second-nature to a lot of people, such as myself. I grew up with hand-me-down clothes and frequent visits to the thrift store. At the time my friends thought used clothing and other items meant you were too poor to afford new things, but that's not at all true. 

There are many reasons why people like to buy vintage items. 

Vintage items can be unique, inexpensive, great quality and comes with it's own history. Not to mention that vintage shopping is eco-friendly and a lot of fun!

So here is my list, in no particular order.

5 Benefits of Buying Vintage

1. Unique

If you have ever taken the time to walk through a thrift store, attend an estate auction sale or even browse online vintage shops, you already know that vintage items have a uniqueness to them.

Unlike today’s mass produced items that everyone else is buying, it’s not likely you will run into someone who owns the exact same vintage piece you have. We’re talking about decades of clothes, furniture, home décor items and housewares to go through. Back in the day, items were produced in smaller quantities than they are now. Not to mention, that amazing dress or teapot you find might be the only surviving one of it's kind. Unique items also go well with a ton of different fashion styles and home decorating styles.

2. Quality

In our mass produced society, clothes and other items are typically made in third world countries in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Doesn't it just suck when you’re out wearing your brand new shirt, just to have the seams start to fray? Vintage clothes have been around for decades, and are still in good shape because they were made with better quality materials, and produced in better conditions. Same goes for housewares and home décor items.

3. Environment

A ton of stuff is thrown out and ends up in landfills polluting our planet Earth. By purchasing a vintage item you’re helping the environment by keeping it out of the trash. Essentially, you are reusing or recycling those items and giving them new life when they would otherwise have been thrown out.

The manufacturing of clothing, furniture and other household items has a huge impact on the environment. The more new stuff that is bought, the more they have to produce and the more toxins, dyes and water is used and pollution is created.

Little Shop of Treasures also uses recycled materials for shipping to help reduce our carbon footprint even more. All of our boxes and packaging paper is from recycled materials (so don’t be surprised if your item shows up in an Eggo box!). We like to reuse packaging peanuts when we can, too, either by scoring some at our local thrift shop of getting them from another business who would have otherwise thrown it out. Of course, making sure your item is properly and safely packaged is our top priority.

4. History

There’s a bit of history to every vintage piece you own. These items had a past life before entering yours. A beloved dress worn on a girl’s first date, a favourite teddy bear, Grandma’s much-loved soup pot. It’s kind of fun to think of the events and experiences your “new” vintage item has gone through. Chances are, almost everything you find will have it's own story.

5. Inexpensive

If you walk into a brand new store you’re most likely to find a vase for anywhere between $30 to hundreds of dollars. However, if you browse Etsy’s vintage section you can find the most stunning and rare vases for much lower prices. And not just on Etsy, at any store/website that sells vintage.

Yes, some vintage items are more expensive than brand new but that’s factoring in the quality, the brand name, the condition it’s in and how sought after it is. For example, Pyrex kitchenware can be expensive. Especially their mixing bowl sets (sometimes up to $100 or more), but that’s because of how desired they are for their well-known name and high quality. Which could be another good point, some vintage items are a good investment and increase in value.

Why do you like to shop vintage?


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  1. Another great reason to buy vintage is that shopping for vintage can be almost like a treasure hunt (fun)! =0)
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