Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mom is the Most Annoying Word

"Mom" can be the most annoying word in existence.

You know when your baby is first learning how to talk, you're so desperate for them to learn the word mommy or daddy? Well, when Sidney first started to talk I, too, couldn't wait for her to learn how to say mommy, and my mom, Grandma, Aunt and every other mom in my life warned me that I would soon hate it. I considered that, but I still couldn't wait.

No doubt, hearing her say "I love you mommy" will always make my heart skip a beat, but then there are the times when all she says is "Mom! Mom! Mom!" And I try to respond but she won't shush even for a second so I can get a word in. So I have to yell, "What do you want?!"

And then Sidney will say, "You don't have to yell, Mom." all mature and grown-up-like.

I really believe she does this just to annoy me, because afterwards she'll start giggling.

Why not "Dad"?

It's obvious why she comes to me for things instead of her dad. I raised her full-time while he worked crazy hours. I've always been the one to feed her, dress her, play with her, take her out shopping or to the park, read her bedtime stories, bath her, etc. A mom's job is never done. It would be nice though if she could start asking her dad for things. Why is it I'm the one who has to jump up to get her a drink? Her dad is just as capable. And he'll do it if I ask him, I'm not saying he won't help out his kid. I'm just saying Sidney doesn't ask him nearly as much as she asks me for things.

Not only things but for attention.

Did you ever notice when you're trying to do something, that's when kids want your attention the most? For example, if I'm on the computer checking messages while she is home she will be doing the whole "Mom! Mom! Mom!" thing and start yanking on my sleeve, whining that she's bored and wants to play, then she's thirsty, hungry, tired, wants a movie on and it doesn't end until I get frustrated and close my laptop.

However, if I'm just sitting on the couch staring off into space she will amuse herself. She'll help herself to an apple, manage to fill her own water bottle, she'll sit and play nicely. That's when you think you can get up and sneak in some dish washing time, but when she notices you have left the couch she follows and it starts again.

This rarely happens to Daddy. He can play darts out in the garage, surf the net, play his bass guitar and do basically anything he feels like with very minimal interruptions from Sidney.

I love being a mom (most of the time), but I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be the dad instead.

Oh well, I stay happy knowing he will get his torture time come the teenage girl years. I've been a teenage girl (not so long ago) and he's in for one hell of a time! Ha ha ha!

Does your child(ren) do this to you, too?


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  1. They call out, "Mom" so often you begin to hear it even when they aren't around.

    1. lol yes! Or you learn to tune it out and don't hear it until they're screaming...


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