Sunday, January 6, 2013

How To Make A Square Knot Hemp Bracelet

Making Square Knot Hemp Bracelets Are Easy

A simple square knot, and a bracelet for Sidney!
Hemp braclets are pretty, eco-friendly, vegan and very easy to make! Depending on how complicated the pattern is, how many beads you put on or your skill level they can either take a few minutes, or be more time consuming.

If you're up for it, here's a short tutorial on how to make a square knot bracelet - the easiest and most simple kind.

1. First, you need to cut your hemp string to the right length. You'll need two strings, one long piece at 80 inches and one short piece at 35 inches. I have a larger wrist (about 7 inches around), but it's better to have too much than too little. Eventually you will know exactly how much you need so you don't waste your hemp.

2. Then you have to find the middle of each string and tie a knot, making sure it's the right size for the bead you want at the end.

3. Now that you have it started I recommend using a clipboard to hold it still. Then you can start your knots. It can be a little tricky to get the swing of things when you're first learning, but halfway through you'll probably be a pro!

And to try and give you an idea on how it goes, my lovely illustration!

4. Hopefully you can see it, but basically your two short pieces hang down the middle.

5. Then you use your long pieces to tie the knots around them.

6. One long piece goes over top of the short middle pieces (above: the red one), then under the other long piece (above: the blue one). And you pull them tight until there is a knot. Now you switch it; the blue one goes on top and the red one goes under. Repeat.

7. Once it's your desired length you pull all four strings through your bead, and tie a tight knot right up against your bead so it doesn't come off. To make sure your knot never comes undone I recommend putting some epoxy glue on the knot.

8. Now you can cut off the excess string, leaving about 5 mm to 1 cm. And you're done!

Making hemp jewelry can be really fun, especially once you start adding beads, charms and pendants and exploring different colours.

I hope this was easy enough to understand and that you can make your own square knot hemp bracelets now!


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  1. Hi! I am visiting your blog from etsy! I love your tutorial. The pictures are so helpful and they make a pretty complicated knot look like anyone could do it! I'll have to try it and see!
    Good luck to you in 2013!

    1. Thanks! It is actually very simple. And to think I was too scared to try making hemp bracelets at one point because they looked "too complicated" lol!


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