Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Fitness - Calorie Counting

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Weight Lost and Weight Gained

After Sidney was born I had been at my heaviest weight ever. It was really upsetting for me and so I made a promise to myself to lose weight and get healthy and I kept that promise! I did lose weight - 60 lbs actually - and I was in the best health I had ever been. 

Except I forgot to promise myself to maintain that weight and health and so I slipped back into bad habits after 3 years of eating nutritious meals and daily workouts. Before I knew it, I was right back to that post-pregnancy weight, my heaviest weight ever. How upsetting.

But I did it before, I can do it again. As mentioned in previous posts, I was planning on taking small steps to a healthier lifestyle but that just doesn't seem to be working. I was concerned with injuring myself or not being able to stick to a healthy diet. I don't think I can do it that way now.

In 2008 I bought a few workout DVDs. Since that time my collection has tripled. I used those DVDs every morning and sweated my butt off. Maybe I just need to jump in. Grow some confidence and believe that I will succeed!

That's another thing that I seemed to have lost in the last few years; my confidence.

Counting Calories

A really great website that I signed up for at that time was It's free to sign up and has a lot of benefits for those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. You can pay for premium memberships if you want to.

Website Includes:

  • Food, Activity and Weight Logs
  • Meal Planning and Recipes
  • Forums and Groups
  • Journals
  • Articles
  • BMI Calculator
  • Calorie Target Calculator
  • and Much More!

This site has changed a lot since the last time I used it, so I have some figuring out to do. But if you are looking to become a healthier you, maybe you can sign up and join me? I'll admit, discussing my weight issues publicly online is terrifying. It's that one topic that really makes me anxious. I'm getting desperate though. I don't like feeling this way, sluggish and slow, tired all the time. 

What are some of your weight loss tips? What motivates you?


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