Monday, December 31, 2012

What True Feminism Means

True Feminism:

Simply put a feminist is someone who believes in gender equality. So why do people assume feminists are sexists? Probably because the word has been misused so often that people have forgotten what the true meaning is. 

Back to the word “feminist.” I am a feminist. My boyfriend is a feminist. Anyone who truly believes that women and men are equals is a feminist. What a feminist isn’t is someone who hates men, thinks women are better than men or looks down on men. That is called sexism and it isn't any better than discriminating women. That really isn't fair, and is based on stereotypes like most discrimination is. 

I also think that people are a little mixed up with calling themselves a feminist, yet acting on old traditions. For example, “the man should pay for the date”, “a gentleman holds the door open”, “he should get up and buy me a drink.” Yes, that’s all very nice when it happens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t do the same back. I often offer to hold the door open for men and women. I pay for our dates all the time, and even go up to the bar to get the drinks! Sometimes he does it, sometimes I do. And who knows, maybe I’ll take Nick out to a romantic place and pop the question. Why not?

I strongly believe that someone who claims to want gender equality should really think about what that means, because it isn’t just about voting, or wagesit’s about the every day little things like cooking dinner or changing the baby’s diaper, who should mow the grass and clear the snow off the car. Throw out those old traditions and make new ones. 

+ Buy your daughter a toy fire truck and play dinosaurs with her! 
+ Show your son how to care for a baby doll, showing him 
affection and emotions through make-believe. 
+ If your little girl wants to be Spiderman for Halloween, 
support her! Because Spiderman is awesome, 
and saves people and being the damsel in distress sucks! 
+ If your little guy is sensitive, don’t tell him to man up! 
Let him cry on your shoulder. 

I am fortunate enough to live in a country where women are treated equally to men for the most part, but that’s the catch; “for the most part.” I will admit that there are still a lot of kinks in our system here, where men seem to make more money on average than women in the same job roles, but that’s not what this post is about. 

What it is about:

Feminism = Equality!


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