Friday, December 7, 2012

Putting My Photography Out There

It's important for people to have hobbies/interests. In fact I have many but one of my favourites is photography. 

I consider myself a self-taught, amateur photographer. I would love to take a class or course, because learning can sometimes be faster and easier in a class setting. I mean, you have to put the time in and learn the exercises when you are in a class but at home I often get distracted by things that need to get done over the things I would rather be doing.

Anyway, that aside, I do take the time every now and then to go out with my camera and shoot some pictures. And since I secretly wish I could be a professional paid photographer I decided to make a Facebook page to show off my work to friends and acquaintances. This is an idea that is terrifying to think about it. I've never been the type to put my work out into the world to see. Which is exactly why I started that Facebook page, and exactly why I started this blog. You know, forcing myself out of my comfort zone. 

So maybe if you aren't too busy you could check it out, too?


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  1. Cole, you are a gifted artist. It comes to you naturally. Others have to work so hard at it and never get good. You are blessed. Be grateful for it. Once you start sharing your art, others will see it too.


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