Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Joys of Thrift Shopping

1950's Butterprint Pyrex Bowls

One of my favourite pastimes is shopping! But not at just any type of store. I love THRIFT shopping! I just find it absolutely thrilling to go into a thrift store and find the most amazing treasures amongst all the other items. For example, just the other day my husband who is a great appreciator of old art and artists discovered a painting by the British artist Henry Cooper. It’s old, worn and flaking but to Nick it’s an amazing find.

I’m a lover and collector of vintage items. Mostly house wares and home décor, but also jewellery, furniture and board games when I can find ones I like enough. I guess that’s why my mom and I decided to open our Etsy shop, Little Shop of Treasures; we both love vintage shopping! I have the hardest time walking away from an item without purchasing it. I think it drives Nick crazy.

A lot of people think negatively about second-hand items, like having something that’s been previously used makes it dirty, unwanted or useless. In reality, vintage items are typically built much better. I mean, if a coffee pot has survived 50 years without a chip or scratch, it must be built well. To consider something dirty is just silly. Everything gets dirty and yet it can be washed to look just like new.

Not to mention the money you will save by shopping second-hand. Most thrift stores offer items at a quarter of it’s original price, sometimes even less. Toys, clothes, shoes and purses, furniture, appliances, home décor items, books, movies and music. You can find anything at a thrift store! And don’t forget about yard sales, those things are awesome!

What’s your favourite pastime? Do you collect anything?


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  1. eek! those pyrex dishes are beautiful!!! I love thrift shopping :) just curious, how much did you pay for those? crossing my fingers that I'll find a set as beautiful!!!

    1. I don't know how I managed to get so lucky but I got the entire set for $10.

  2. Holy Cow!! I am in love. My favorite style and color too. : )


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