Friday, December 7, 2012

Best Free Activities Are At The Library

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If you are anything like me than I'm going to assume you like free things. Because really, who doesn't? And the best kind of free, is free fun - at the library!

I don’t know much about other community libraries but I do know that the chain of libraries here in my city have so much fun, free things going on all year round.

They have:
  • art exhibitions,
  • plays,
  • children drop-in activities,
  • art programs,
  • family reading nights,
  • speeches,
  • art sales,
  • contests,
  • and so much more.
Every March Break, PA Day and Winter Holidays there are fun events planned for kids and teenagers to participate in. And to top it off, the friendly staff at the libraries are always introducing new and exciting programs all the time!

That’s not even including the fact that you can take out books, DVDs, magazines and Cds for free.


For someone like myself who is an avid reader I’m constantly in need of new books all the time. I take out fictional books, craft books, recipe books, business books, magazines and children’s book. Once a month I must take out at least 6 - 10 books!


My daughter and I like to have movie nights on the weekend. We’ll go down to the library and choose a couple movies - one for her and one for me - and plan a family evening, and as long as you don’t return them late it’s absolutely free to take them out for 7 days. The movie selection is pretty good, too. Ranging from new releases to old classics like Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and television shows for kids and grownups.


Bored of your CD collection? The library usually has plenty of those to choose from, too! No matter how often I go I always manage to find something new to listen to. Sure, I could hop on YouTube or listen to the radio, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to listen to an entire album without having to constantly go over and select a new song.

So why not check out your local library, if you haven’t already?

What’s your favourite part about the library?


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