Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't Waste Your Money - Choosing a College Program

A friend of mine is considering going to post-secondary school but has no idea what she wants to take. So that got me thinking about why I chose Journalism, and how other people might decide on a program.
I think a lot of us have experienced that feeling of wanting to work towards a career but aren't sure exactly which direction to go in. But if you're going to spend thousands of dollars on school you want to make sure it is the right program. Too many people rush into college or university and end up dropping out, and get stuck with giant student loans they have to pay back and don't even get anything out of it!
Before I chose Journalism as my college program I considered so many different options. I like so many different things. Especially within the art/creative field.
I considered taking:
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Decorating
  • Photography
  • Fine Arts
  • General Business (I still want to be an entrepreneur.)
It was when I worked at D3 Artworks Inc. that I really focused on choosing a program. In fact, it was a requirement at D3 (which is a government program to help youth find employment). The employees at D3 helped us in so many ways.
We had to:
  • Take personality tests
  • Mind-map
  • Research different schools and programs
  • And of course, do a lot of thinking!
Journalism is something I've always considered taking but I never saw myself having much of a future within that field because I've always been so shy. You can not be shy if you are a journalist. As a journalist you constantly have to put yourself out there; cold calling people, getting interviews, doing interviews, networking and connecting with the community.
Working at D3 really helped me get out of my comfort zone. They gave me support, and believed in me. Sometimes having at least someone tell you they believe in you is all it takes. If it's fear that's keeping you from deciding on a particular program, you need to face that fear. You can accept it, but know that you will have to work with it, and to overcome it if you want to succeed.
To be honest, I would like to take photography after I've graduated from my Journalism program! And I wouldn't mind taking a few business courses either. The fun thing about college is that you can keep going back as much as want, or are willing to pay for.
And, you might not even need post-secondary! Really think about it first. Can you teach yourself? Can you learn as you go? Can you find someone to mentor you?
For those of you who are in post-secondary right now, how did you decide on what to go for? Was it something you've always wanted to do? Did you start going for something else and then switch?
Let me know! I'm curious. :)

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