Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Wishes #7 Blogging + School

I haven't done a Weekly Wishes post in a while, but I feel like it's about time to get back into it. Having a weekly goal has seemed to be helpful, even with my Life Makeover goals going on at the same time.
For this week I want to go out and finally buy a backpack, one that is large enough to carry all of my books and my gigantic laptop! I can't believe it's already one month into school and I still haven't bought one yet.
As of right now I have been using the bag I used back in grade 10 - which was in 2006! It's very uncomfortable carrying my overloaded bag on my shoulder and it would be much better for my health to have a backpack.

Also, I want to get into the habit of bringing my laptop to school with me in the mornings. I arrive at school about 2 hours before my first class and usually I spend this time reviewing my notes, reading newspapers and trying to amuse myself. However, I often have about an hour of doing nothing and it would make more sense to spend that time blogging. Blogging is something I am passionate about, but as of lately my posts seem rushed and sloppy, which isn't good.
Other than that, I need to continue to work on my monthly Life Makeover goals and learn to love myself. These things are completely necessary.
What are you goals this week?

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  1. Oh! BACKPACCCKKK!! They have some awesome ones on Etsy. I love myself a good backpack! It most definitely (for me) needs to be BRIGHT and ass-kickin'. Best of luck to you!

    I loved to arrive to school earlier and just do ... things. But you seem much more dedicated to studying than I was! Good on you! Haha

    1. Lol thanks! Yeah, I prefer to do my school work at school.

      I haven't even looked on Etsy! Wow, can't believe I never even thought of that! Thanks for the tip :)


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