Friday, September 6, 2013

First Week of School

My first week of college is officially over, and somehow I survived! Mind you, it was only three days. Usually I will have 4 days of school (Monday through Thursday), always between the hours of 11AM and 6PM. Not bad!
Over the past three days our professors have been giving us fun little exercises to help us get to know one another. If everyone stays in the program, we will be working very close with one another for the next two years (although, apparently more than half will likely drop out? According to my professors.).
I wouldn't say that I'm embarrassed of my life - being a young mom, living on my own, just starting college now - because I'm not. But I never know how people are going to react to it. I don't want people to think less of me because of it, or judge me before they get to know me. And I think that a lot of people will judge me.
Whenever we had to do these little exercises in class I wasn't sure if I should throw that in there, but yesterday I decided, "Hey, they want to know a bit about me, well Sidney is basically my whole life. I might as well throw it out there."
So when we did our little interview practice with a partner I was fortunately teamed up with a very friendly girl who was 1. shocked that I had a kid so young, 2. excited to listen to my story and 3. didn't seem judgemental at all. When she had to introduce to me to the class afterwards based on our interview I was really nervous! It's one thing to have a one on one chat with someone (who was being equally as open and honest with me about her life), but it's another to have someone else present it out loud for the entire class to hear. Plus, I hate being in the spotlight.

BUT I made it through!

Of course this was the last class of the week, and I have no idea what people were thinking afterwards.
I'm sure it went in one ear and out the other, considering I can't seem to remember anything anybody said about themselves or their interview partners that afternoon. I know, I'm horrible but I was too freaked out over having to go up in front of the class to focus on anything else.

Other than that, my week was pretty great! I love my classes, my professors are all super amazing! And they are all working journalists, too! Except my Group Dynamics teacher who doesn't teach anything to do with journalism. But seriously, how awesome is it that all of my teachers are working journalists? I think it's pretty sweet.

I'm also really happy to be back on a routine. And I think Sidney is, too.

Which by the way, Sidney is LOVING grade one! She's already making new friends, one of them named Sydney, and is excited to go to school every day.

On the first day of school Sidney won a prize for completing her assignment before anyone else! She's actually in a split class with grade ones and twos.

It's been a super exciting week. I can't wait to go back to school on Monday. Always excited to get home to be with Sidney, but I never seem to want my classes to end either.

How was your week? Did you return to school, too?


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  1. Always be true to yourself. You did great. As you get more confident talking about yourself will get easier. And what a happy first/second grader. Congrats on your first week.


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