Friday, November 23, 2012

Fitness Fridays

As a mother, or a parent really, I think that my health is extremely important for several reasons. 
  • I want to set a good example.
  • I want to be able to keep up with Sid.
  • I want to be alive and well for a long time to be with Sid.
  • I want to have enough energy to get everything done.
  • I want to feel good about myself.


My Weight Struggles

Well, here is the problem; I have allowed myself to gain weight and get out of shape (again). Like a lot of people I struggle with my weight. Well, the weight really is not an issue for me, it’s the way I feel and lately I feel like CRAP! 

I’ve been eating junk, I haven’t been exercising and I’ve even been slacking on personal hygiene. I’m not sure why, or how this happened all I know is that I need to switch things around and get back to where I was over a year ago. 

I used to workout multiple times a week; jogging, yoga, aerobics DVDs, lifting weights and a lot of walking, walking every where! 

I ate healthy; on schedule, tons of fruits and vegetables, mostly vegan foods, whole wheat everything and barely ever ate out. 

After I had Sidney I went all out and completely changed my lifestyle. It was hard work, I had never lost weight in a healthy way before. I had to learn everything, because I didn’t know anything about being healthy! It was a great experience and I loved how I felt. Now it’s time to get that  back.

The Obstacles

Clearly things need to change in my life if I want to be healthy, energetic and a good example for Sidney. My problem is I often get overwhelmed when I try to change things too quickly. I get so worked up and thinking, “Why bother, I know I’m just going to fail again?” that lately I don’t even want to try! 

I’m also kind of scared that I am so out of shape that if I start working out I’ll hurt myself. Which is possible. I hurt something in my side when I leaned over to talk to Sidney last week… 

Well, if you read my Monday post, you’d know I’m following The Magic which is all about gratitude and positive thinking. I feel that with The Magic, I can conquer these feelings of failure and work towards a healthy lifestyle again. It will be hard, I have a lot of bad habits I need to switch around, but I know I can do it. I did it before, I can do it again. 

My one and only obstacle is my mindset. Once I overcome that I can do anything.

The Changes

I’m going to have to take baby steps if I want this to work. My eating habits have gotten so out of control I don’t really know where to start first. My exercise routine (or extreme lack of) will need work, too. 

So, I’ve decided that each week I will work on one goal, one switcheroo for both eating habits, and exercise habits. And hopefully by next Friday that will be better and I can move onto another one, but if not there’s no shame in continuing to work on it for another week (or two?).

This week I want to eat healthier breakfasts. My usual breakfasts lately consist of coffee… and sometimes pop tarts, but usually I don’t remember to eat until noon.

Healthy breakfast options:
  • Oatmeal with fruit and almonds
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt with granola and berries
  • One egg omelette with veggies OR
  • Scrambled tofu (if I can get Nick to make it for me)
  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and grapefruit
  • Cottage cheese with fruit
  • Home-made whole wheat muffins

Now, as I said above, I’m terrified of hurting myself due to being extremely out of shape and not exercising for months. I want to start going for walks at least three times a week, and do some simple stretching in the mornings. 

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll update on my progress next Friday. 

What are some of your healthy tips? Favourite health/fitness blog?


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