Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dealing With Head Lice

This is embarrassing to admit, but every parent deals with it at some point. Over the weekend I discovered head lice on my daughter. I had noticed her scratching profusely and sure enough when I looked near her roots around her ears I saw a couple eggs, and after some searching a louse.

At first I didn't want to tell my daughter about it. I was just going to pick through her hair and keep it a secret. However, I changed my mind. I wanted to let her know about it, to explain what it was, why it was there and how to prevent it. I also didn't want her to think I would let her stay home from school for no reason. 

I had my head checked, no lice. Sidney asked me why she had lice and I didn't. I told her it was because her hair was so beautiful, shiny and clean that they thought it made a lovely home. Plus I just dyed my hair a few days ago... If there was anything the hair dye chemicals probably killed them. 

When I was buying the lice shampoo kit from the drug-mart I was really embarrassed. It was really busy at the store, and I was trying to hide my purchase. Lice don't spread disease, they're just harmless but annoying insects that live on scalps but nobody wants to get them. Who would? So when someone sees or hears that you have lice they avoid you, judge you, make fun of you. That's why I told Sidney not to tell anyone she has it.

Head lice shouldn't be something to be ashamed of though. Most children in elementary schools or childcare facilities will get it at some point. Even if you ignore that part, there's still the pain in the butt with getting rid of them! Vacuuming, washing, drying, cleaning brushes and combs, shampooing and picking through hair. It's a lot of work to get rid of these! Then Sidney has to miss more school. She missed three days last week when she was sick, now this. 

Oh well, such is life! (Besides I kind of enjoyed our time together yesterday!)

After picking through Sidney's hair multiple times in the past couple of days, I think I have managed to get everything. The past two times I wasn't able to find even an egg, so that's good!

Anyway, if you're ever unfortunate enough to have to deal with this (which is quite likely), here's some resources that helped me:

What are your best tips for dealing with head lice?


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