Wednesday, November 21, 2012

20 Stocking Stuffers! For The Entire Family

Everyone comes up with different ideas for stocking stuffers. When I was a kid this usually involved small, inexpensive things. These days I hear about people getting ipods and other gadgets. However, I prefer to keep our stocking stuffers simple, and useful.

For our little girl (some good ideas for boys, too!):
  1. toothbrush (or toothbrush head)
  2. dental floss
  3. hair accessories (clips, elastics, headbands)
  4. bubble bath, bath paints
  5. Lip Smackers lip balm
  6. nail polish in girly colours
  7. small colouring book
  8. candy and gum
  9. crayons and markers
  10. fun socks
  11. cute underwear
  12. funky bandaids
  13. small dolls
  14. mittens
  15. stickers
  16. temporary tattoos
  17. paint brushes
  18. flower and vegetable seeds for springtime gardening
  19. adorable gardening gloves
  20. pretty plastic jewelry
For my hubby:
  1. comb
  2. lighters
  3. lottery scratch tickets
  4. candy, gum and mints
  5. socks
  6. batteries
  7. car air freshener
  8. Burt's Bees lip balm
  9. deodarant
  10. body spray/cologne
  11. Tim Hortons gift card
  12. key chain
  13. nail clippers and tweezers
  14. pens and pencils
  15. beer cozy
  16. razors
  17. USB stick/flash drive
  18. deck of cards
  19. boot laces
  20. Dr. Scholl's Odor-X foot powder for his stinky work boots
For the mommy:
  1. toothbrush head
  2. make-up (eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow)
  3. lip balms
  4. nail polish
  5. hair elastics
  6. manicure or pedicure kit
  7. jewelry
  8. perfume or body spray
  9. SD card for camera
  10. fridge magnets
  11. journal or notebook
  12. pens and pencils
  13. teabags, coffee or hot chocolate packets
  14. pocket mirror
  15. chocolate
  16. Dr. Scholl's gel soles 
  17. bath salts, body lotions and candles
  18. measuring cups/spoons
  19. loofah sponge
  20. pocket knife (I could really use one *hint hint Santa!*)
What are some of your favourite stocking stuffers?


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