Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade 2009

Tonight is the Christmas parade, and I'm not there. I can't help but feel guilty about it (I actually cried for a little bit), but what can I do? 

Some how I've managed to get strep throat and my whole body is feeling it. My throat hurts, my muscles hurt, I have a headache and I feel slightly disoriented when standing for too long. 

It came about last night. My mom and I were out shopping with the Sidney and her cousin Faith, when I started to feel really awful. By 10 p.m. last night I knew I was sick. This morning I realized I had strep throat, but the muscle aches and headaches were gone so I showered and dressed and went out with my mom and the kids again for some more Christmas shopping. Well, that was a bad idea because now I feel awful again and I have to miss the parade. 

To be honest, Christmas parades really aren't that fun. It's cold outside, we never get a good view, they last forever and by the end of it the kids are tired and cranky, but I still hate missing out on it. I love seeing how excited Sidney is throughout the parade, especially when Santa and Mrs. Claus go by. 

I'm just glad her Daddy took her along with her Aunt and cousin. At least she's not missing out. And even though I feel bad for not going, I know Sidney doesn't mind. I was going to try and go, but I was too irritable and my grumpiness would have ruined it. I'm also a little bit sad about not being able to get pictures... Another blank spot in my family albums lol.

Is it just me who feels guilty over simple things? Or is it a mom thing? 


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