Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is Not a Bragging Blog

Sidney at the Library - 2010

I've been following blogs for a while now. One of the topics I like to read about is parenting. However, I find that there are a lot of parenting blogs written by mothers who just talk about how perfect their lives, themselves and their children are. Whether their posts are honest or they only write about the good stuff (most likely), those blogs from time to time leave me in a bad mood and make me feel insignificant as a mother. Other times I do stumble upon great advice and good ideas, so they’re not all bad lol.

Well, this is not one of those blogs

I’m just an honest person, writing my experiences as a young mom. I’m someone who makes mistakes and most of the time learns from them. I struggle as a mother every day, wondering if each decision made is the right one.
  • I’m an impatient person, 
  • especially when we’re running late (which is often). 
  • I forget things, 
  • I accidentally break promises, 
  • I lose my temper, 
  • I get depressed,
  • I let my daughter eat junk food 
  • and sometimes we get bored and go stir-crazy.
Do these things make me a bad person, or worse a bad mother?

I sometimes feel that they do.
  • But I also sit down and do crafts, 
  • take Sidney to the library, 
  • the movie theatre, 
  • the museum 
  • and community events. 
We go on nature walks and discuss the different things we see. I have taught her to love animals, and respect them. She listens and behaves (most of the time) when we’re out shopping, or at a restaurant. She’s an excellent student who loves to draw and write. All her classmates and teachers adore her, as well as family and friends.

Here’s the thing though; I don’t want to just write about the good stuff. I want to discuss problems I face as a parent, and a young one at that. I want other moms to know that we’re not all perfect (well nobody is, they’re just good at faking it). 

I want this to be a blog where I can openly, and honestly talk about the stuff other people are too scared to admit, because it’s okay to admit we’re not perfect. I don't want this blog to be a brag-fest, a competition or a story about my "perfect" life. 

So let's just be honest with one another, and support each other. Okay?

What are some things you feel you could do better as a parent? What are some things you do amazingly as a parent?


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  1. Looking forward to reading more :) Greetinga from Magicpots and the etsy blog team


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