Sunday, November 25, 2012

Metric Concert!

Last night my hubby Nick and I went to see Metric at the ACC (Air Canada Center) in Toronto. Metric has been one of my favourite bands for a few years now, and I finally got to see them play live! And to be honest, it was everything I had hoped for. 

Emily Haines was so energetic, so talented and so entertaining. The lighting was awesome to watch, but not too blinding like some other concerts I’ve been to. Everything was just perfect! 

I think it’s important to go out every now and then with your significant other, child free, no friends or family. Nick and I don’t do it very often, but when we do it’s nice to be able to sit down and catch up on everything. Just getting out of the city took a lot of the pressure off my shoulders that has been building up. I felt like I could breathe again (even in the big(ger) city). 

  • We got into Toronto shortly after five o’clock, and there was no traffic! 
  • We managed to find a parking spot right nearby. 
  • It was only a five minute walk to a nice Irish pub where we had dinner,
  • then walked a bit further to another enjoyable pub for a couple drinks. 
  • We found our seats easily, which were pretty good seats! 
  • Our seats were on the end, so we didn’t have to squeeze past anyone, I hate having to squeeze past people. 
  • And luckily we only had a couple sitting directly in front of us, and they weren’t standing and jumping around like the rest of the crowd so we could stay sitting, too. 

Sometimes things just work out amazingly, and last night was one of those nights. It felt so good to be able to go out and enjoy ourselves. It’s not very often I buy myself anything, but I’m sure glad I bought those concert tickets on a whim during the summer. I guess now and then you have to spoil yourself.


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