Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hilarious Things I Wrote in My Pregnancy Journal

Cole 2007

I've been keeping journals since I was 7 years old, and for some reason I felt like reading the one I wrote when I was pregnant. And, okay, it was just hilarious to read. A little depressing, but thinking back on that time I was definitely a drama queen.

Mix teenage girl hormones, with a first time serious boyfriend and pregnancy hormones and what do you get? I very unstable, emotional and somewhat crazy person. Seriously.

Funny things I wrote in my pregnancy journal:

  1. I went to Shade's Mill Beach today. It's actually kind of nice, I just wish they had a food stand.
  2. I'm just this fat, bitchy, sloth that walks around eating and bitching at everyone.
  3. I might as well be dead. I'm so useless.
  4. Next week is the first week back to school. Ha ha stupid students! I'm so glad I don't have to go back.
  5. Yeah, the pregnant one had no date and just looked like some knocked up slut.
  6. I ate so much at the buffet that I almost threw up in my mouth when I tried to pick my purse up off the floor. My mom had to grab it for me. 
  7. I have a cold, I have a sty and a stomach ache. All I want to do is sleep for the next month... Except on weekends, October is the best month ever.
  8. My doctor told me I had to stop eating so much junk food, Ha! 
  9. Yesterday Nick and I finally made our gingerbread house. It looks cool, but I already ate one of the walls.
  10. Some how I managed to gain ten pounds in one week. The nurse's eyes almost bulged out of her head and then she said, "Oh my!"
  11. On the way to the store we passed the soup kitchen. A man was chasing a woman and stole her walkman. She couldn't get it back so she called him a "f@*#ing goof." Then he threw a rock at her head.
  12. Weekends aren't long enough. Didn't go to Home Depot. Didn't get Sidney's dresser. However, did get a yummy pumpkin spice coffee!
  13. One of Nick's friends is pregnant. Who knows, maybe she isn't so annoying any more and  Sid and I can have a friend each now, but that's just wishful thinking.
  14. I haven't bothered to wear make-up or change my clothes since Sunday, but today I did. (written on a Wednesday)
  15. The only way I can fall asleep is if I make a nest for myself in the center of the bed with three comforters, five pillows and then watch Wayne's World. 

Does anyone else keep journals? Do you ever read them later? I always find them embarrassing, yet hilarious years later.


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