Friday, November 30, 2012

The Magic of Santa

Sidney - Christmas Morning 2010

When I was a (younger) teenager, before Sidney was even conceived I thought that if I ever had children I wouldn't lie to them and teach them about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or any other sort of “magical” creature.

Now that I’m actually a parent I really do believe that children should believe in magic. Could you imagine a childhood where fairies didn't exist? That’s unicorns just aren't real and Santa isn't logical? How dull and boring that would be? 

I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s teaching your children that lying is okay, that it’s deceiving and makes you lose credibility. 

I think that it helps strengthen her imagination, 
that it gives her hope, 
Is a part of childhood and growing up,
That it’s a nice tradition, one that’s been around for a long time.

Can’t you remember Christmas Eve? Trying to stay awake, lying silently in bed waiting to hear hooves on your rooftop? That excited feeling? Why wouldn't I want my daughter to have that experience? Being able to wake up early, race downstairs to admire all the gifts, to feel that special magic on Christmas morning that Santa, a kind and generous man, had brought to us on Christmas Eve.

There really is no harm in Santa Claus. I remember when I first realized he wasn't real. I overheard my friend’s parents talking about which presents to sign by Santa and which to sign Mom and Dad. I was a little upset, but I already had my speculations. And did it traumatize me? Did I look at my parents as evil, lying and deceiving human beings? No, I didn't  I still looked and thought of them as the same parents as before. Only now I would thank them for the presents instead of Santa. 

Children are only children for so long, and every decade, every year that seems to be getting shorter and shorter. People expect so much of their children these days. We put them in a ton of extracurricular activities, force them to do extra homework and force so much responsibilities on them that they don’t even get a moment to relax. Now we expect them to stop believing, to start thinking like adults, too? 

I’m not saying people can’t and shouldn't reveal the truth about Santa Clause to their children. Everyone has different parenting methods, and none of them is right or wrong. In fact I know an atheist couple who doesn't even celebrate Christmas or any winter Holiday and that’s their choice, not mine. 

All I’m saying is I personally like having my daughter believe in magic.

What are your opinions on Santa Clause?


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