Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clearing Out Bathroom Clutter

Clearing Out My Beauty Products

Somehow I have accumulated a bunch of jewelry and beauty products, which is weird because I don't wear jewelry and I rarely use beauty products. I like to use lightly scented body lotion, face wash and moisturizer, deodorant and body spray but that's about it. So why is my bathroom cupboard full of perfumes, stinky lotions, colourful make-up and a bazillion hair products? I seriously have no idea.

It's a good thing I have girly sisters who can hopefully take these products off of my hands. I don't really like the idea of throwing away useful things. I did have to get rid of some stuff that's probably expired though. I have no idea how long some of these things have been laying around my bathroom. 

What to do with old beauty products:

  • Use it up - It's best to use up your make-up and beauty products before they expire. 
  • Put lotion on your feet and cover them with socks before bed. This is especially helpful for me because my feet get really dry in the winter. 
  • If they haven't been used it's alright to give them away.
  • If the products are unused and unopened, consider donating them to women's shelters.
  • Or if your friends and family members aren't germaphobes, they might be willing to take products that have been used. 
  • If there's just a small amount of lotion or shampoo left, pour it into travel size containers for your next vacation. 
  • I've heard that by adding a couple drops of nail polish remover, you can give old sticky nail polish new life.
  • If it's expired, unfortunately you might have to throw it away. 
  • Shampoo can be used as body wash, or hand soap.
  • Conditioner makes a great alternative to shaving cream.
Now that I have cleaned out my beauty products I won't be buying any more for a while!  Because I obviously don't use much of it.

 Clearing Out My Jewelry Box

My jewelry box is overflowing as well. Other than a couple hemp bracelets, my peace sign necklace and piercing jewelry, I don't wear any of it. I think the red necklace was part of a Halloween costume. There's some of Sidney's hair accessories there, too.

What to do with unwanted jewelry: 

Unlike the beauty products, these things don't expire. I plan on putting any jewelry I have but don't want in my spring yard sale. Other options include donating it to local thrift stores, selling them online, using beads and strings of broken jewelry pieces for crafts, give them to the kids for dress-up or give them to friends/family.

One more task to check of my to-do list!

What do you do with your old beauty products? 


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