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Crocheted Rag Rug Tutorial

 This is a guest post by Darlene Nemeth

Rag Rug

I can’t remember when I decided to try my hand at making a rag rug – suffice it to say it has been a very long time.

Seeing all these wonder crafts on the net has inspired me to get busy. And it just so happened that I was going through my granddaughters clothes, removing items that are too small or too stained or have rips when it hit me – I can use these to make my rug.

I have the motivation. I have the material (t-shirts.) I have the right tools (my hands and a big crochet hook.)

Let’s get started!   

Cutting The Rag Rug Strips

My first challenge was to figure out how to get the longest strips possible from the child sized garments. The fewer joins possible is better – I think so anyway. Joins can be lumpy.

1. The first step in cutting the strips is to cut across a shirt from armpit to armpit in a straight line through both layers.

2. Cut 1 ½” strips horizontally across the shirt through both layers but be sure to not cut all the way across. Stop about three inches before the opposite edge.

3. Open up shirt so you can see the whole uncut edge.

4. Cut diagonally from the second row to the first row only through the top layer.

5. Continue cutting diagonally until you have completed the whole piece and you have one long continuous strip.

Joining the Rag Rug strips 

I didn’t join all the strips at once. I choose the next strip as I finish crocheting the previous strip. This gave me the freedom to choose the best colour and texture in comparison to the strips already crocheted into the rug.

My Granddaughters’ clothes are very colorful and they actually coordinate well together with the pinks, purples, blues and whites. Very pretty.

This is how I joined the strips.

1. I cut a small vertical slit near the end of the first strip. I make it just big enough to get my crotchet hook through.

2. I cut a small vertical hole on the second strip.

3. Push your crochet hook through the hole in the first strip.

4. Push your crochet hook through the hole in the second strip.

5. Pull the second strip through the hole in the first strip. 

6. Now pull the second strip through the hole in the second strip – pull all the way through.

7. Pull tight. I nice neat join that won’t come apart. And a smaller lump in your rug than if you tied it. 

Decide Which Type of Rag Rug to Make

Now I know there are many ways to make a rag rug so I had to decide which style I was going to make. I could braid the material strips together then sew the braids together forming a circular rug. I could weave the strips together in a make shift loom. Or I could crochet the strips.

I decided to crochet my rug. I like crocheting and sewing pieces together seemed a little too tedious for me. I also thought that crocheting the rug would make it more durable.

Crocheting My Rag Rug

1. I started by making a chaining five. 

2. Joined it to make a circle.

3. Single crochet into each loop.

4. Insert additional stitches as required making rounds.

5. Too many stitches will leave a ripple.

6. Too few stiches will cause the rug to curl up.

7. Continue making rounds until desired rug size is acquired.

8. Tie off tail and pull tight.

Ta Dah! My Completed Rag Rug 


Yep it’s that easy. I can’t believe I finally made a rag rug. After all these years of just thinking about it. Well I actually have the time right now.

It measures inches across the diameter.

I can see the clothes my granddaughters wore when they were four years old, woven into this rug.

Someone told me that I should save it for a memory keep sake but I made it for our Etsy Shop and that’s where it is going.

This colourful rag rug would look fantastic in a little girl’s room. As I was crocheting , I pictured a little girl getting out of bed, her little piggies stepping down on this pretty rug that I made with her in mind.

I already started my next rag rug. This one is all pinks and greens. It is made from a cotton blend sheet set. And it isn’t round. 

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  1. This is so cute, great idea! Need to keep this in mind for my daughter.


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