Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 19 Blog Challenge - 5 Blogs I Read Regularly

31 Day Blog Challenge - March

Today I am supposed to list five blogs that I enjoy reading regularly. This is a difficult challenge, because I'm always finding new and exciting blogs to read! In all honesty, I probably read different blogs for almost an hour every night, which has been really cutting into by book reading but I don't mind.

Also, I did a blog post not too long ago about some of my favourite blogs. It was a fun little post I did for a linky party over at Erin's blog Living In Yellow. However, since I read so many blogs I thought it would be best to live five different blogs than the ones mentioned on that post, just to keep it fair.

Five Blogs I Read All the Time!

I just recently discovered this blog, but have been reading it a little obsessively lately. I love all of the advice and tips that are offered! On blogging, business, Etsy, making money online and more. It's easy to understand, and very useful which is just what I need right now, considering I still feel like I have no  idea what I am doing.

Above I mentioned Eric's blog Living In Yellow. I like reading her's regularly because she always has something funny to say and it brightens my day. Her writing style is humourous and down to earth, and I love that.

Kim over at 2 Just B You is a super, super person! Kim along with the rest of her family, have an Etsy shop where they sell handmade treasures which are just awesome. And isn't it just amazing how the entire family is involved? Not only that but Kim also helps out other bloggers and Etsy sellers. She's constantly promoting other shops and blogs. Plus, when she read my post about us having difficulty catching up on our mortgage she went all out promoting my shop Amity Arts and Crafts and because of her my items have been in numerous treasuries, page views have skyrocketed and I even made 3 sales!

I enjoy this blog because Tara Jefferson is an honest mom, who talks about the difficulties of parenting while also supporting other moms. She also blogs about how she gets through the day, how she handles certain things and her career, all while being honest and even talking about her struggles. She often has guest posts from other moms who also talk about the difficulties of parenting. Reading her blog makes me feel better about myself when it comes to being a mom.

If you like gardening, but are a beginner like me, than you should check out Mary's blog. She gives great gardening advice, totally awesome ideas and is very easy to understand and follow. She also sells plant seeds and books!

So there it is, a small sample of blogs I read regularly.

What are some of your favourite blogs?

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