Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 14 - What's on the iPod?

31 Day Blog Challenge - March



Well, I don't actually use an iPod, or even an mp3 player, but I love music! I mean, who doesn't love music? I'm more of a record person. And I have my share of CDs.

I like a variety of music. For every mood there's a genre that fits it.

This is what I like right now:

  • The Cure
  • New Order
  • Andrew Jihad Jackson
  • Metric
  • Horrorpops
  • Pink Floyd
  • Against Me!

My guilty pleasures:

  • Sky
  • Savage Garden
  • Meatloaf
  • Queen
  • Blink 182
Then of course there are bands where I only like one or two songs by them, and will listen to those songs obsessively! But I won't post them, because that list could get ridiculous, and embarrassing...

What are some of your favourite bands?

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  1. Queen is not a guilty pleasure, my dear. Queen is legend. Great list!

    1. The way I sing along to Queen makes it a guilty pleasure. But I agree, Queen is legend. :)

  2. hey there. I'm Laney and a Newbie here. Hope you can come and follow me back!


  3. I also do the 'listen to a song obsessively' thing.

    1. Ha ha! Some songs are just too great not to.


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