Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We Might Lose Our House

I don’t like to write things on my blog that are too personal, but we’re getting desperate.

As some of you may already know, I have a five year old daughter and the two of us are living with my parents. I'm registered to start college this September to be able to build a better life for the two of us. Living at my parents house is what makes going to college possible.

However, we are about to lose our home. My parents have gotten behind on their mortgage due to my step-dad’s PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). We can afford the mortgage payments, but it's the arrears and the deadline that is the problem.

If we don't pay $7000 in the next few weeks we will all be forced to move. Please help us keep our home.

I started a Gofundme page to help raise the money. 
I also opened a Facebook page to help raise money.
And any profit from both of my Etsy shops (Little Shop of Hemp and Little Shop of Treasures) will go towards our house.

You can read my mom’s full story on her blog here.

And again, I feel really awkward talking about this online, and my mom does too, but we don't have any other option at this point.


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  1. Cole -
    I haven't had time to visit your blog again until today, and I saw this post...I'm so sorry to read this news! I'll be getting in touch with you via Etsy convo.
    I'm now following you via bloglovin too!

    1. Thank you. As of right now it's a little worrisome, but we're working together as a family to try and come up with the money. I'm staying positive.

      I'm following you on bloglovin, too. :)

  2. I am sorry to hear this post Cole! If only I have a lot, I will definitely share some. God will make a way just trust in Him!

    1. Thank you :)
      We're doing our best to stay positive, and find a way to pay it on time.

  3. I am saddened to hear this, but do not give up hope! God has many angels helping you. They are all around you.

    I am donating an item for the treasury giveaway on the PCF Team and I will promote it very much

    Keep your chin up!


  4. I know it feels awkward for you to put this out there, Cole, but sometimes we have to reach out to the people around us for help. It's a heartbreaking story and I can only imagine the strength you all must have every day. I will also be donating to the PCF Team treasury and hope it will help. Praying for you all!


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