Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 24 Blog Challenge - My Most Embarrassing Moment

31 Day Blog Challenge - March


Today is all about embarrassing yourself right?

My Most Embarrassing Moment?

I could sit here for hours writing a list of my "embarrassing" moments. As someone who is extremely uncoordinated and clumsy, I have a lot of accidents. Falling down stairs, tripping on my own feet and landing flat on my face, dresses and skirts never work out well for me, I've ripped so many pants I can't even count them all, I say the wrong thing all the time and often walk into things such as people and walls pretty much daily actually.

But to be honest, I think I'm so used to doing stupid things that I just don't get embarrassed very easily. I've also built quite the paint tolerance. I barely even notice when I've stub my toes now.

I want to be able to tell stories like everyone else though, so here's a two embarrassing moments:

For a full year I worked in the seafood department of a grocery store. On nights I had to work late, and Sidney had to sleep over at my mom's house, I would stop by the pub where my boyfriend worked after my shift - smelling like fish.

But that's not even my embarrassing story, it's just something I find hilarious.

Actually, this one evening while working I noticed a draft on my behind when in the freezer, and noticed I had ripped my pants! I don't know when it happened, just that this rip was huge and I wasn't wearing full underpants that day. I ended up grabbing a coat from the meat department and wrapping it around my waste to cover my butt so I could finish my shift. All of my coworkers kept asking me what was with the coat, and I kept having to explain it to everyone.

Another time while in high school, my friends and I went to the trail by the river at lunch to smoke and when I went to light it I burnt my bangs and in a flash they were all gone. There was a group of guys near by who saw it and laughed hysterically at me. Not to mention, I had to go home and explain it to my parents. I told my mom I was playing around with a lighter (and not smoking anything)... Which she didn't believe so I got in trouble. But the worst part was having no bangs or hair at the front for a few weeks.

In all honesty, I don't even find these things that embarrassing. 

What's your most embarrassing moment?

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  1. I remember when you ripped your pants at work. LOL. That hole in the back of your pants was huge and your whole tushy was hanging out. LOL.

    So I will share an embarrassing moment. I was in college for graphic art. Jon sat behind me - his desk facing away. Marty sat in the desk in front of me, facing my way. Those two guys loved to joke around. Well Jon pulled my chair away when I wasn't looking so when I went to sit back down I landed on my but - my legs went flying up and back. Marty saw the whole thing - even stood a little straighter to get a better look as my skirt flew up revealing my not so pretty panties. Yep, they thought it was hilarious. I was embarrassed beyond belief. I still go red in the face when I think about it.

    1. That would be extremely embarrassing!

  2. Not cool to lose your bangs. I decided to trim mine once...never again. They were about an inch and a half long and still not straight.

    1. lol! I've learned not to trim my bangs the way hard way, too.

  3. Losing your bangs! I couldn't even imagine!


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