Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 25 Blog Challenge - Decsribe My Location

31 Day Blog Challenge - March

Where I Live

The city I live in is nicknamed Lamebridge. That should pretty much sum it up.

The best part about living in Lamebridge is that we're close to the 401, and bigger cities like Toronto, Guelph and London are only half an hour to an hour away so if we do get bored and want to see a concert, go to a vegan restaurant or go shopping we don't have to go too far.

Right now I live at my mom's house. We did have our own apartment but decided to move back home when it got too difficult to keep up with the rent and follow our dreams. I just got so tired of struggling to pay bills and working a horrible job for 44 hours a week just to make minimum wage. Now I can spend time on things that are more important to me, like Sidney, my hobbies and go to college.

My mom's house is just an average sized house in an average neighborhood. We have an alright sized backyard where we can go swimming, garden and the kids can play. There's an elementary school, parks and convenience store nearby. I prefer living closer to downtown, where everything is in walking distance. My apartment was in the perfect location. I don't even have friends in this neighborhood, so I spend a lot of time just with my family.

There are some nice things about living in Cambridge.

  • We have a lot of walking trails along the Grand River.
  • We have a huge artist community; programs and events that support local artists.
  • There's a lot of family activities around at the library, the parks, for the holidays, at the mall. 

And that's about it.

After college I want to move to a different city. I don't know where yet, probably closer to Toronto like Mississauga or Oakville or just somewhere in that general area. For now, this is alright though.

What's it like where you live?

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  1. In a few years, Sidney won't want to move because she will have friends and she won't want to move that far from her grandma.

  2. This looks so beautiful. How is the trout fishing? (DH would be so disappointed if I didn't ask) What is the economy like?

    1. I haven't been fishing in years, but my cousins seem to catch a lot of trout.

      The economy here seems okay. We have a lot of manufacturing businesses. A lot of people who live here commute to surrounding cities.

  3. I love this challenge, because I am obsessed with locations. Your town sounds wonderful. I love artist communities. I have to drive about 30 minutes to get to an art district where I live. Thanks for sharing.


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