Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 11 Blog Challenge - The Last Book(s) I've Read

31 Day Blog Challenge - March

I Love Reading

I really enjoy reading. I read for at least an hour before bed every night. Some nights I stay up way too late reading because the book is too good to put down.

I don't have a favourite genre, or just one favourite author. However, once I start a book, even if I don't find it very interesting because I have to know how it ends! Like that Twilight book my friend Sarah forced me to read. It was pretty boring 3/4 of the way in, and finally the end became interesting.

What I'm currently reading:

I'm only two chapters into this book and am having a hard time staying interested, but I've heard that it's a good book and my friend recommended it to me. But like I said, I have to finish it now.

Recently I read: 

The Digital Mom Handbook by Audrey McCelland and Colleen Padilla

This book was pretty good. It had a lot of interesting information, and I liked how it was geared towards moms. It was also easy to understand. I'm not saying I'm stupid or anything, but I don't understand all that technical talk. 

I like everything I've read by Stephen King. This was a great book, a little slow at times, but how interesting can a book get about a guy sitting in a room, writing a novel. Apparently very interesting because I loved it.

Next on my list:

And yesterday I just bought a new book because I was feeling kind of down, and the best cure for feeling down is a new book and chips. I'll probably start reading it tonight.

So that is what I'm reading lately.

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  1. We own most of Stephen King's books. We have a lot of hardback, and a couple first editions. My husband loves his books. Me, I still can't finish It because it scared me so bad. My personal favorites of his are Misery, From a Buick 8, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. I wouldn't mind reading the Digital Mom Handbook. Good luck with the reading of House at Riverton. I hate when I can't get into a book that was recommended.

    1. Some of his books are pretty freaky, but I like being scared. I haven't read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon yet, but maybe I'll put it on my list now.

      I hate it, too!


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