Saturday, March 16, 2013

Make Your Own Re-usable Produce Bags

Doing My Part


Going green is a process that takes time. It isn't going to happen overnight, but the little things I incorporate into my life will eventually add up. 

I decided to make my own re-usable produce bags. 

Obviously, we've been using re-usable grocery bags (from the grocery store) for a few years now, but the amount of plastic produce bags that get thrown out weekly is adding up. Especially since we've been making an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables. 

In all honesty, I was a little self conscious using my produce bags for the first time. They're not the greatest looking; my sewing skills are definitely at a beginner level, but it's not like anyone cares. 

And it was much cheaper to make them than to buy them. I used an old sheer curtain that's just been laying around, so I guess it didn't cost me anything. Originally the curtain was bought at the thrift store for $4 a few years ago. With that one curtain I was able to make 6 large bags, and 2 small bags (perfect for nuts or seeds).

I'm not a patient person, and sewing usually takes patience. All I did was quickly mark my fabric where I needed to cut it, then I cut it (not very even either) and stitched the sides with my sewing machine. And because I couldn't figure out to stitch up the sides properly, I put fabric glue along the edges to keep them from fraying. 

I even used cute, vintage ribbon that's a happy yellow/gold colour. Woo hoo!

Do you use re-usable bags at the grocery store? Did you make them, or buy them?


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  1. This is RAD! I need to do this, I feel the same way about produce bags! I get so frustrated wasting so much plastic.

    1. It's actually super simple to make! I'm glad to have finally made some.


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